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What is homesharing?

Homesharing is an alternative to traditional housing. Two unrelated people are matched and live together on an exchange basis tailored to each situation and for mutual benefit.

The host provides a private room and shares the common areas in exchange for rent, help around the house or a combination of both.

Homesharing is different from a typical roommate situation in that it’s basically two people helping each other. No two homesharing arrangements are alike. Each is personalized to the unique needs and interests of the people involved.

Why choose to become a host?

Some elderly people living alone are looking for companionship or want to feel more secure in their own home, especially at nighttime. Others, who live alone or as a couple, need help with certain household chores to continue living at home and avoid a move to a retirement home. Some may need additional income. And many are looking for a combination of all three.

What do home providers (hosts) need to provide?

Hosts must provide a private bedroom, access to a bathroom and kitchen, and space in the kitchen for cooking and food storage. Many homesharer appreciate having access to a laundry room, Internet and a furnished room, but these are not mandatory to participate in the programme.

What kind of tasks can be exchanged for a reduced rent?

There must be a fair exchange between the reduced rent and the tasks or assistance provided by the homesharer. Here are a few examples:

  • Take out the garbage
  • Clear the snow from the stoop or entrance
  • Help with computers or technology
  • Take care of pets
  • Provide a reassuring presence
  • Run small errands
  • Prepare and share meals
  • Basic housekeeping
  • And more

It is important to note that the homesharer is not a substitute for professional services, nor a personal care attendant, nurse or caregiver.

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